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Faculty Book Launch

Cynthia Robin discusses why everyday life matters in the ancient world. While we might first think of grand temples and royal tombs when we think of the ancient world, the lives of ordinary people have always had a powerful impact on society as a whole. The ancient Maya are a case in point. Ordinary Maya farmers developed sustainable lifeways that allowed community and society to thrive for thousands of years. Everyday Life Matters is the title of Northwestern Professor Cynthia Robin’s latest book, now out in paperback. This ground-breaking study examines a decade of archaeological research. Tonight Robin engages us to consider the larger implications of the commonplace and to rethink the constitution of human societies by ordinary people living routine lives. Bookends and Beginnings | 1712 Sherman Ave, Alley #1 (Evanston) | Tuesday, Nov 1 (6:00pm-7:30pm)